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About the “R. Geigy-Award”

The «R. Geigy-Award» is awarded to young scientists, researchers and public health specialists who make an important contribution in the field of neglected diseases or public health – and combine laboratory and field work in an innovative way. The prize is awarded in memory of Professor Rudolf Geigy (1902–1995), founder of the Swiss Tropical Institute. The prize money is CHF 20,000.

Fact sheet:

Conditions of participation



The group of candidates includes renowned scientists who are active in the field of tropical diseases, neglected diseases or global/public health and whose scientific career is not yet completed.

A candidate may belong to a group, a university, a company or an institute that has a close relationship with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and/or the nominator.



Senior scientists and specialists in the field of Global/Public Health, or members of institutions that closely collaborate with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.


Date for submission of the proposal:

Please refer to the leaflet for information on the necessary enclosures. Please send your nomination by August 19th 2022 to the President of the R. Geigy-Stiftung, or to

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