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The R. Geigy Foundation aims to support the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). It shares the conviction that science can make an important contribution to economic, social and ecological problems in the countries of the global South. Therefore it supports the Swiss TPH in generating and validating scientific results and implementing them in numerous health systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America.




The R. Geigy Foundation is dedicated to the fight against neglected diseases, without neglecting people and neglected systems. The R. Geigy Foundation shares the principle that things can only be changed together. With the "R. Geigy Award" it therefore supports the career of young scientists at Swiss TPH, who contribute to improving health under sometimes difficult political and social conditions.



Code of Conduct


The R. Geigy Foundation (RGS) promotes the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) as an independent, non-profit foundation. It supports in particular:

  • Research, teaching and implementation projects of the Swiss TPH

  • Publications by employees and doctoral students of the Swiss TPH

  • Procurement of instruments, apparatus and books for the Swiss TPH


The promotion of the Swiss TPH can be divided into four fields of action:

  • Innovation

  • Validation

  • Implementation

  • Personnel promotion/infrastructure projects/ knowledge transfer


It allocates funds to the Swiss TPH, which are entrusted to it by companies, foundations and private individuals - hereinafter referred to as sponsors - as charitable contributions in the form of donations and legacies.


1. Allocation of funds

The allocation of funds to the Swiss TPH enables the strengthening of teaching, research and implementation. Thus the implementation of the Swiss TPH strategy can be accelerated decisively. Granted funds give impulses for the focused expansion of teaching, research and implementation, promote talent and allow the start of new projects.


2. Donations

Grants from sponsors correspond to the purpose of the RGS foundation. RGS is free to decide whether to accept donations. Grants can be recorded in the form of written agreements.


3. Freedom of teaching and research

The freedom of teaching, research and publications of sponsored persons and projects of the Swiss TPH is guaranteed at all times. RGS cannot grant the sponsors any rights to ownership, publication or exploitation of research results.


4. Origin of donations

The origin of donations is known to RGS and the sponsor is trustworthy. If a grant is made through a person or organization that acts as a mediator, the trustworthiness of this person or organization is also checked.


5. Transparency and discretion

The purpose and content of the grants can be published on the RGS website. Every year, the audit report provides information on the financial situation, the grants and the awards. The wish of sponsors not to be mentioned publicly is respected. Confidential data and information will not be passed on to third parties without the consent of those concerned.


6. Impact report, reporting

The Board of Trustees and the management see themselves as trustees of the formulated will of the sponsor. If desired, sponsors will be informed about the progress and impact of the projects they support.


These guidelines entered into force on 10 December 2014 with the approval of the RGS Board of Trustees.

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