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SIGNING: Ifakara, partner sign Foundation Constitution

On July 15th, 2023, partners from R. Geigy-Foudnation (Swiss TPH) and the Ifakara Health Institute signed the Ifakara Foundation Constitution in Dar es Salaam. The Foundation is a funds drive initiative by Ifakara Health Institute and partners to mobilize funds for sustainable health research. The Chief Executive Director of Ifakara Health Institute, Dr. Honorati Masanja and the President of R. Geigy Foundation, Jürg Utzinger along with the Ifakara Foundation Chair, Ambassador Ami Mpungwe, signed the Constitution papers on behalf of their institutions at the Ifakara’s Dar es Salaam offices. The Foundation is being incubated at the R. Geigy Foundation which is based in Switzerland.

Jürg Utzinger (President R. Geigy-Foundation), Ambassador Ami Mpungwe and Honorati Masanja (Director Ifakara Health Institute) from the left.



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